FD005 Medium Fitting Instructions

Step 1 - Check Door Seal Size

Check Fridge Seal Sizes

Before we do anything we must check the size of the door seal is correct.

The sizes are rarely incorrect, but it does save you the trouble of doing the job twice if you are unfortunate enough to recieve the wrong door seal.

Simply hold the new door seal up against the old door seal to compare the size.

Step 2 - Locate the screws

Locate Screws

Find the screws under the door seals which are holding in the plastic liner and door seal.

Sometimes these screws hold in a small metal strip which goes around the door.

Step 3 - Loosen screws

Loosen Screws

Loosen the screws holding the door seal in around the door. Do not take the screws right out.

Step 4 - Peel out door seal

Once all of the screws are loosened, the door seal should easily slide out from behind the plastic liner.

Be careful not to be too forceful when doing this step as some plastic liners can be quite brittle and crumble if you are too rough with it. You can see that the seal is held in by the small lip behind the seal.

Step 5 - Remove old door seal completely

Completely remove the old door seal, making your way around the entire door.

Once the old seal is removed you may wish to clean the fridge before installing the new seal.

Step 6 -push door seal behind lip

push seal behind lip

Push the small lip of the door seal behind the metal plate or small plastic channel. Begin at the top to prevent the door seal falling whilst doing this.

Step 7 - Push in entire seal

Make your way around the entire door, until all of the door seal is pushed in by the small lip.

Step 8 - Tighten corner screws

tighten corner screws

Tighten the 4 bottom corner screws, and 4 top corner screws.

Step 9 - Check the alignment of the door

Close the door, and inspect the door seal from the side. You should be able to tell whether the door has a twist as is shown in the photo. The door seal would either have a big gap up the top or the bottom of the opening side.

This is quite common, as the screws which have just been removed are what holds the alignment of your door.

Step 10 - Twist door if necessary

If you found in the previous step that the door was twisted, then simply twist the door in the correct direction as shown here in the photo using your foot to lever it. Don't do this too hard as you don't want to break the plastic liner.Twist it a bit at a time, and then gently close the door to check the door as in step 8 until the door is aligned correctly.

Step 11 - Tighten remaining screws

Tighten Remaining screws

Tighten the rest of the screws. You are nearly finished, Continue to check the door as you go, to make sure that it doesn't twist as you do the job.

All Done

You've now successfully installed your own door seal. Well done.

Trouble Shooting Guides

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