RP4 Storm Proof Door Bottom Seal

  • Fixing Method: Screws (Included)
  • Gap Size: 23mm- 25mm
  • Location: Door Bottom
  • Materials: Anodised aluminium, quality sealing gaskets
  • Features: Guaranteed Weatherproof
$31.19 (inc GST)

A storm proof door bottom seal that is used in situations where maximum weather protection is required. The multi-blade seal defies rain infiltration.

Suits Door Types
Double Inward Opening, Double Outward Opening, Double Swing Pivot, Single Inward Opening, Single Outward Opening
Tools Required
Saw & screw driver
Product Number Barcode Length Colour
R4B 9.31046E+12 915mm Anodised (Bronze)
R4C 9.31046E+12 915mm Anodised (Clear)
R4G 9.31046E+12 915mm Anodised (Gold)
A4B1000 9.31046E+12 1000mm Anodised (Bronze)
A4C1000 9.31046E+12 1000mm Anodised (Clear)
A4B1250 9.31046E+12 1250mm Anodised (Bronze)
A4C1250 9.31046E+12 1250mm Anodised (Clear)
A4C1500 9.31046E+12 1500mm Anodised (Clear)
A4B1750 9.31046E+12 1750mm Anodised (Bronze)
A4C1750 9.31046E+12 1750mm Anodised (Clear)
A4C2000 9.31046E+12 2000mm Anodised (Clear)

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