RP4 Storm Proof Door Bottom Seal

  • Fixing Method: Screws (Included)
  • Gap Size: 23mm- 25mm
  • Location: Door Bottom
  • Materials: Anodised aluminium, quality sealing gaskets
  • Features: Guaranteed Weatherproof
$39.90 (inc GST)

A storm proof door bottom seal that is used in situations where maximum weather protection is required. The multi-blade seal defies rain infiltration.

Suits Door Types
Double Inward Opening, Double Outward Opening, Double Swing Pivot, Single Inward Opening, Single Outward Opening
Tools Required
Saw & screw driver
Product Number Barcode Length Colour
R4B 9310459400025 915mm Anodised (Bronze)
R4C 9310459400018 915mm Anodised (Clear)
A4B1000 9310459025013 1000mm Anodised (Bronze)
A4C1000 9310459025693 1000mm Anodised (Clear)
A4B1250 9310459025020 1250mm Anodised (Bronze)
A4C1250 9310459025709 1250mm Anodised (Clear)
A4G1250 9310459025877 1250mm Anodised (Gold)
A4C1500 9310459025716 1500mm Anodised (Clear)
A4B1750 9310459025044 1750mm Anodised (Bronze)
A4C1750 9310459025723 1750mm Anodised (Clear)
A4C2000 9310459025730 2000mm Anodised (Clear)
A4G2000 9310459025907 2000mm Anodised (Gold)
A4BK1000 9310459232190 1000mm Anodised (Black)

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