SH023 Shower Screen Seal (6mm glass)

  • Fin Size: 6mm
  • Fixing Method: Clip-on
  • Glass Thickness: 6mm
  • Materials: Co-Extruded PVC
  • Features: Easy Installation
$10.36 (inc GST)

The SH023 helps to minimise water splash and leakage around or beneath the glass panels in a frameless glass shower. This versatile shower screen seal is extremely easy to fit and will suit most user-determined applications. For best results, the seal can be cut to the desired length using scissors or a sharp blade on the soft PVC fin and complete the cut using a fine toothed hacksaw through the rigid plastic strip.

Tools Required
Fine-Tooth Hacksaw
Product Number Barcode Length Colour
SH023600 600mm Transparent
SH0231000 1000mm Transparent
SH0232000 2000mm Transparent