RP128Si Door Bottom Seal

  • Gap Size: 3-14mm
  • Location: Door Bottom
$104.82 (inc GST)

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NOTE: This is a commercial product, we recommend installation by a second fix carpenter or joiner.

An adjustable, automatic door bottom seal that is spring loaded to lift clear of the floor when the door is opened. Acoustically designed, featuring extruded silicon gaskets for medium temperature smoke applications, the RP128Si is operated automatically by pressure on the door stop by its adjustable strike. Utilising an aesthetic extruded aluminium cover for concealed fixing.

IMPORTANT: Seals can be cut back to the previous available size eg. 920mm cuts back to 820mm. For seal sizes see table below.

Suits Door Types
Double Inward Opening, Double Outward Opening, Single Outward Opening, Single Inward
Tools Required
See detailed fitting instructions supplied with goods
Product Number Barcode Length Colour
A128SIC0600 9310459227059 600mm Anodised (Clear)
A128SIBK0600 9310459227905 600mm Black
A128SIC0820 9310459227066 820mm Anodised (Clear)
A128SIBK0820 9310459227554 820mm Black
A128SIC0920 9310459227073 920mm Anodised (Clear)
A128SIBK0920 9310459227561 920mm Black
A128SIC1070 9310459227080 1070mm Anodised (Clear)
A128SIBK1070 9310459227578 1070mm Black
A128SIC1220 9310459227097 1220mm Anodised (Clear)
A128SIBK1220 9310459227912 1220mm Black
A128SIC1500 9310459227103 1500mm Anodised (Clear)

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