Commercial Trade Fitting Instructions

Raven commercial/trade products are supplied with detailed fitting instructions. For best results, recommend installation by a second fix carpenter or joiner. 

Detailed fitting instructions are included with every Raven product. For best results, recommend installation by a second fix carpenter or joiner.

IMPORTANT: Care must be taken when ordering/ cutting back automatic door bottom seals.

To ensure the internal mechanisim is not damaged, automatic seals can only be cut back to the previous available size. Please refer to individual product pages for more information

Raven Door Frame/ Perimeter seals are pre-cut to suit standard door sizes (mm):

Single Door- 1x1000mm 2x2100mm

Double Door- 3x2100mm

Note: Can be cut down to required size by a second fix carpenter or joiner.

Note: Longer  length  rigid  Raven seals

Due to shipping damage reasons, longer length rigid aluminium or plastic extrusions are not available.  Maximum length  sizes are shown.
Where a longer length is measured on-site, to accommodate this , neatly cut and butt joint  two seals together ( user determined prior to ordering)
NB:  Not  applicable  for  automatic door bottom seals.

Email [email protected] for assistance.