Square Push In Fitting Instructions

For frequently asked questions such as "How to find your model number" or "How to measure your door seal", visit our FAQ's page.

These instructions suit seal profiles such as FD001, FD002, FD006, FD008, FC501, FC501 (3 side) and FC501 inside out.

  1. ​Before we do anything we must check the size of the door seal is correct. The sizes are rarely incorrect, but it does save you the trouble of doing the job twice if you are unfortunate enough to recieve the wrong door seal. Simply hold the new door seal up against the old door seal to compare the size.
  2. Peel back the door seal from the corner and the rest of the fridge door seal will peel away quite easily. Once the old seal is removed you may wish to clean the fridge before installing the new seal.
  3. Push firmly on the new fridge door seal being careful to push the large arrow head of the door seal into the groove. Continue this for the entire door seal.
  4. Now that the fridge door seal is secure. We now need to make sure that the inner part of the seal is securely inserted. This ensures that the door seal will not come out of the groove when you open the door with the new door seal.
  5. Check for any loose areas If you need to then use a screwdriver to push the door seal further into the groove.
  6. If needed, you can heat up the fridge door seal with a hair dryer to bridge any gaps which may have formed due to a bow in the door etc.
  7. You can adjust the two screws on the top of the door by carefully lining up your philips head screwdriver and loosening them a couple of turns. Adjust the door correctly, and then tighten the screws back up again.