RP54 Installation Instructions

RP54 (Daniels Patent) is a heavy duty door bottom weather seal for inward opening butt hinged doors. It incorporates a threshold plate to prevent rain infiltration. Ideal for residential and commercial applications.

The RP54 door bottom seal is suitable for double and single inward opening doors.

  1. With a fine toothed hacksaw, cut tread plate and sealing section to full width between jambs.
    For an optimum seal at the latch side cut end, use a coarse hand file to angle* the leading edge of sealing section so it will just clear the door jamb after fitting.
  2. With door closed, position sealing section under door and hard against hinge side jamb. Mark seal at door edge.
  3. With door closed, mark line on door bottom, parallel to and 22 to 25mm up from door sill.
    Mark line on sill offset 3mm toward door stop from inside face of door.
  4. Remove door.
    Saw along marked line.
    Sand and paint the cut end of door to prevent moisture penetration.
  5. If door is thicker than 35mm split sealing section at ‘v’ groove so drip strip can be fitted flush with outside face of door.
    Screw fix sealing section and drip strip to marked line (step 2). Now step 6.
  6. If necessary, cut out front edge corners of tread plate to suit door stops. Insert gasket (FIG.A).
  7. Re-hang the door.
  8. Position tread plate to marked offset line on sill. Screw fix. Apply sealant at ends of tread plate for a better seal.