RP54 Installation Instructions

RP54 (Daniels Patent) is a heavy duty door bottom weather seal for inward opening butt hinged doors. It incorporates a threshold plate to prevent rain infiltration. Ideal for residential and commercial applications.

The RP54 door bottom seal is suitable for double and single inward opening doors.

  1. With the door closed, mark a line of the door bottom parallel to and 22 to 25mm up from the sill. Mark a line on the sill in line with the back of the door. Refer to Fig. 1. Remove the door, saw along the marked line and paint the door bottom to prevent moisture penetration.
    Step 1 Figure 1
  2. Cut the rubber to fit the door opening between the jambs. Refer to Fig. A. Secure to the bottom of the door using the nails 30mm apart. Cut the drip strip to the door width and screw to the underside flush with the front of the door. Refer to Fig. 2.
    Step 2 Figure AStep 2 Figure 2
  3. Cut the threshold plate to the full width between door jambs. Use a sealant compound at each end. Refer to Fig. A.
    Step 3 Figure A
  4. If necessary, chisel the door stop to allow for front edge of the threshold plate. Refer to Fig. 3.
    Step 4 Figure 3
  5. Align the back edge of the threshold plate with the marked line on the sill. Refer to Fig. 4. Re-hang the door and check the sealing action. Screw the threshold plate down with gasket inserted.
    Step 5 Figure 4