RP5 Installation Instructions

A flexible EPDM weather strip sweep seal that fits to the bottom of doors. It is ideal for screen doors to prevent weather and insects from entering. It is quick and easy to install and can be fitted without removing the door.

The RP5 door bottom seal is suitable for is suitable for all types of doors including double doors and bi-fold.

NOTE: For inward opening doors, check that the floor level is even otherwise the seal may jamb.

  1. Seal can be fitted on the front or back of the door. Refer to Fig. 1.
    Step 1 Figure 1
  2. With the door closed, measure the foor width. Refer to Fig. A
    Step 2 Figure A
  3. Cut the seal with a hacksaw to the required measurement. Refer to Fig. 2.
    Step 3 Figure 2
  4. Place the seal against the door and fix with screws. The seal should lightly touch the sill. Refer to Fig. 3.