RP83 Installation Instructions

A nylon brush seal with a PVC carrier, sweeps smoothly over hard floors.

The RP83 door bottom brush strip seal is suitable for all types of doors, including double, sliding, bi-fold and security doors.

Note: For easy door operation, determine which side of the door the RP83 will function best. Brush strip should lightly engage the sealing surface and sweep smoothly across the floor. Uneven or ramped floors may cause the seal to drag. Recommended adhesion temperature is above 21°C. Allow a few days for full adhesion strength to occur.
Seal can be fitted to the inside or outside of the door. Surface must be clean, smooth and if painted, well cured.

  1. Measure the side of the door you wish to fit the seal, either between the stops or the full width of the door.
    Remove brush strip from PVC holder (FIG.A).
  2. With a hacksaw, cut PVC holder to the required length, less 3mm to allow for end plates.
  3. Cut brush strip to length of PVC holder with combination cutting pliers to lock in bristles.
  4. Replace brush strip in PVC holder.
    If the brush is loose, remove it, bend it and replace.
    Fit end plates to each end of the PVC holder.
  5. Before removing backing paper, with door closed, place seal on door bottom and mark fixing position. Bristles should lightly brush the floor surface.
  6. Remove backing paper to expose adhesive and very carefully position seal on marked line.
    When satisfied, firmly press seal to surface.