RP3 Installation Instructions

Automatically lifts to clear carpet, seals tight when door closes.

The RP3 door bottom seal is suitable for all types of doors.

  1. With the door closed, measure front of the door between the stops. Refer to Fig. A.
    Step 1 Figure A
  2. Cut the seal with a hacksaw to the required measurement less 3mm to allow for clearance on the latch side. Refer to Fig. A.
    Step 2 Figure A
  3. Mark a line across the front of the door 45mm up from the sill and parallel to the sill. Refer to Fig. 1. 
    Step 3 Figure 1
  4. Position the top edge of the seal on the marked line and hard against the hinge side. Refer to Fig. 2. List the flap on the seal and secure with the four screws at the top of the fixing slots.
    Step 4 Figure 2
  5. With the door closed, lightly shut the seal flap. Fit the cam to the latch side of the door stop. Adjust cam and tighten. Refer to Fig. 3.
    Step 5 Figure 3