RP80 Installation Instructions

A self adhesive threshold seal. Fits to a smooth hard floor surface.

The RP80 door bottom seal is suitable for all types of doors, including double, bi-fold and security doors.

  1. The floor surface (Sill) under the door must be smooth, clean and if painted, well cured. Methylated spirit (alcohol) is ideal for cleaning. Do not use oil based solvent.
  2. With the door open, measure the distance betweeen door jambs. Refer to Fig. A. Cut the RP80 to length with scissors or a craft knife.
    Step 2 Figure A
  3. Remove backing paper to expose adhesive on one leg only. Fix this leg to the sill against the door stop and between the door jambs. Refer to Fig. A and Fig. 1.
    Step 3 Figure AStep 3 Figure 1
  4. Close the door and push the remaining leg of the RP80 towards the door stops to close the door bottom gap. Pencil mark lef position on sill for reference before fixing. Refer to Fig. 2 & Fig. 3.
    Step 4 Figure 2Step 4 Figure 3
  5. Open the door and remove backing paper on the remaining leg and lightly fix along marked pencil line. Close the door slowly to see if gap is sealed. Adjust if necessary. When satisfied, press firmly into position.