RP113 Installation Instructions

A rigid and flexible PVC door stop frame seal which can be painted.

The RP113 Timber Door Stop Frame Seal is suitable for both windows and single or double doors.

  1. Read all instructions then mitre cut the RP113 timber component to the required length.
  2. Cut the rubber gasket to length with a craft knife and at a 45 degree angle at the head corners.
  3. With the door closed, position at the head of the door first. The door should rest lightly against the RP113 rubber gasket. Pencil mark the fixing location.
  4. Open the door. Position the timber component of seal along pencil mark at the head of door frame and lightly tack in position. Insert the gasket.
  5. Shut the door and check the seal to ensure a consistent seal all around. A tight seal is not necessary. The door should just firmly hold a sheet of paper to ensure a perfect seal.
  6. Nail seal fully home being careful not to damage the timber. With a nail punch and hammer, punch nails to just below timber surface.